Solar power is creating HUGE income opportunities!

Up to $500 for a referral! Easiest "job" ever! Wanna go "all in" & possibly become a six figure earner? Got that covered too!

Solar power is creating HUGE income opportunities!

Up to $500 for a referral! Easiest "job" ever! Wanna go "all in" & possibly become a six figure earner? Got that covered too!

Show me the money!

Easiest program ever!

Here's the problem, you want more $ but have no time for even a part time job...sound familiar?

But let me ask you this, do you make time for looking at and engaging in social media everyday or almost everyday?

If so then you can make $ with our program! You would simply make a post about Solar (it could be anything solar related) but ultimately you're simply trying to get someone to get a 100% FREE quote to go solar on their home...that's it!

For the "referral program" it's real simple. 

You refer someone to get a free quote for solar power on their home. They take an appointment with me (90% of the time that's a "Zoom" conference, meaning that no smooth talking salesman is going to grind on your friend, neighbor, BBQ buddy, work associate or even a random person who found you through one of your posts, in their living room or kitchen!) huh?...Then, if they get solar on their home through me, and I get paid...then YOU get paid! Super simple!

So how do you begin?.......


You simply fill out the form below and hit "sign up or get more info", that will generate an email to me, I will then assign you a "code", then when you are ready to refer someone you tell them your code...that's it!

When I reach out to them I'll ask, "may I please have the code given to you by your referrer"?

You may ask...well, how do I know that you'll pay me?...the simple answer is this...I don't want to just send you up to $500 ONCE! I want to send you money many ...MANY TIMES! 

Once you receive your first check you'll DEFINITELY want another check. ..and ANOTHER check! 

So it's win win! You get paid! ...Otherwise you wouldn't refer anyone else. ..not good!

***I say "up to $500" because sometimes I'm up against tough competition and I have to CRUSH their pricing to win the job, so the profit margin may be tiny and so the referral fee paid out would be cut in half. ..but about 80% of the referral fees paid out have been at the $500 level. 

Now...the BIG MONEY!

There's no question that solar energy is here to stay. But at present there's probably less than 1% market penetration. ...but to those who want to capture even a tiny fractional share of the wealth that will undoubtedly come from Solar that's GREAT NEWS!

Even if you have never sold anything in your life you can be extremely successful because we have a WORLD CLASS mentoring program that will close as many Solar deals as you can bring while you learn.'s like PAID TRAINING! 


So for those who want to be in business for themselves  (but never BY themselves) most highly successful people will tell you to position yourself in FRONT of something HUGE, follow your mentors advice, create action, activity, focus, and desire! (The "desire" is now what all of the current huge marketers or recruiters call your "why")....without a "why" it's hard to stay on track with your goals, hard to have a good reason to create motion and activity. ..but with a "why" (for example: I want to earn $100,000 per year, or I want to retire in 5 years, or I want a HUGE house or a HUGE boat, whatever yours is...Great! IT's yours and no one can take your "WHY" your "DREAMS" away from you! ) you have a GREAT REASON to want to do something So...if you have desire...if you have your own "why"...then great! Join us!....(if you have no desire. ..or a "why"...I'd recommend that you develop one FAST!)

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I always say "if it is to's up to me!

Feel free to call, text, email, or find any other means of communication because if you need more $...I can help you! But in this's up to YOU!

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